Network Video Recorders & Security NVR

We designed our network recorders to meet a wide range of business security applications. We offer 4, 8, 16 and 32-channel options with a range of storage capabilities and recording resolutions. Our security NVRs use your network and are remote viewable, so you can watch your video from anywhere including the internet or your mobile device.

We also offer DIGIOP Core and DIGIOP Performance Series NVRs, equipped with DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ video management software and DIGIOP Open IP License. This non-expiring IP camera license provides a simple and cost-effective open licensing structure. All video channels are pre-licensed and enabled, allowing users to add cameras as they need to, without having to buy extra licenses. Licenses never expire and there are no recurring fees, minimizing total cost of ownership over the life of the NVR.